Water structuration


Water structure

Structure d'eau moléculaire

Structured hydrogen bridges

Water structures itself due to the hydrogen bonds realized by the electrons. This structure is the way in which the water molecules will organize themselves. They will thus form chains of molecules called “clusters

Water clusters

City water (tap water) which flows in the pipes is not structured because it is composed by clusters of 700 water molecules which are not absorbable by the body. These large water clusters make it more complicated for the nutrients to be assimilated by our cells. They complicate the absorption of minerals, micronutrients and vitamins in our cells, because they penetrate with more difficulty through the aquaporin

Moreover they imprison the pollutants in contaminant envelopes = contaminant molds. The water molecules are structured around the polluting molecules and consequently adopt combinations (due to hydrogen bonds) which constitute a specific and stable coding around the pollutant. As a whole this structure is the “memory” of the contaminating frequency in water


The water clusters are formed mainly because water:

    • runs through rectilinear pipes (≠ its natural movement)


    • is put under pressure (between 3-5 bars)