« Memory» of water

Water collects, stores and transmits electromagnetic waves from cosmic, telluric and emotional origins produced by nature and humanity! It is a relay between our external environment and our internal one (living body). It collects cosmic energy from electromagnetic nature !

Dr Jacques Benveniste (1985)


« Memory of water »

Benveniste is the first person who spoke about the “memory of water” in 1985. He said that water receives, stores and restores information. He compared it to a magnetic tape. J. Benveniste showed that in spite of the high dilution (10-12 Hh: Hahnemann hundredth) of an active molecule (e. g. a drug or pollutant), this active molecule could still act, by its electromagnetic signature memorized in water. Whereas it was not physically present anymore! He observed that the information (vibratory frequency) of the active molecule was transmitted instantaneously to the other water molecules which surrounded it (contaminant mold). Despite its physical absence, the drug or the pollutant leaves its energetic signature in water!

Masaru Emoto (1999)

Water crystal photographs

Masaru Emoto photographed under a microscope (enlargement X 125) water crystals (frozen -25° C in boxes of Petri). He observed that only the spring water (or dynamized water, see the pictures hereunder) have a crystalline or hexagonal structure. This structure can be obtained by a vortex, by emitting  vibrational frequencies through music, emotions or even by words like “love & gratitude”. This water is considered as living” water!

 eau polluée          cristal inacheve

Photo of a polluted water           Photo of an unfinished crystal (tap water)  

On the other hand tap water, water of stagnant lakes or polluted rivers show black holes or unfinished crystals, they are known as “dead” water!

The crystalline structure with 6 peaks is realized thanks to the hydrogen bonds generated by the electrons (dipolarity of water). This structure is similar to spring water when it spouts from the source


  Crystal with 6 peaks                GIE water Crystal

Professor Luc Montagnier (2010)


«Transduction of the electromagnetic waves of the DNA» 

After having highly diluted (10-10 Hh: Hahnemann hundredth) the DNA molecules of AIDS patients in water, he noticed that water had collected its electromagnetic vibrations. These waves were then coded (digitalized) in the form of an electronic file and transferred by mail to a laboratory in Italy which then reconstituted, in distilled water, the infected DNA of the AIDS patient = phenomenon of transduction. The scientists estimated that it was the structure of the water which received, stored and transmitted the electromagnetic waves (frequencies) emitted by the disappeared molecules of DNA but nevertheless  were “trapped” in water (= “memory of water”). Moreover this information was transmitted in the water in the body! If water has this capacity, then, they estimate that we could in the future take care of AIDS patients due to the emitted waves from the drug molecules. “If the waves can act, then one can act by the waves!, Luc Montagnier. It is what one calls digital biology based on the quantum physics


Video: « The memory of water has been found » https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a_2_Qap3G1s