Advice regarding the consumption of water

Water : life

Without oxygen, a person will die in 2 to 3 minutes; without water, in 3 to 6 days, without sleep in 6 to 10 days and without food between 10 days to a month. The “hunger” is often a “thirst” which ignores itself! Indeed, the brain gets its energy from sugar and hydroelectricity circulating in the blood. These 2 feelings are generated at the same time.

But often only the feeling of hunger remains! Water plays a fundamental role to fulfill all the metabolic functions of the organism: cellular feeding, digestion of food, blood circulation, drainage of waste, internal temperature control, breathing…

How much water do we have to drink?

First of all it should be known that it is much more important to drink appropriate water than drink more water! The quantity of water to drink per day for an adult is 2.5 L or 30 ml/kg of body weight.

This water is provided by drinking water (= 1.5 L) but also by soups, fruits, vegetables (especially raw), showers, baths … (= 1 L). This corresponds with the daily evacuated water by the organism via: the urine: 1.5 L / perspiration (water + toxins: mineral salts, acids and fats): 0.5 L; breathing: 0.3 L and feces: 0.2 L. One must also take into account the absorption of diuretics which dehydrate (such as coffee, tea, alcohol, sodas). It is necessary to drink a volume of water equivalent to 3 X the quantity of consumed diuretics to neutralize them! Also pay attention to all the products containing salt and sugar as well as tobacco. It should be checked that the urine is of pale and transparent color (if not, it’s a sign of dehydration)

Temperature of water

Water should be drunk at room temperature between 18° and 25° Celsius

When to drink water?

It is advised to drink water 30 minutes before meal and to drink little during meal because water blocks digestion (it dilutes the gastric juices) and causes flatulence.

Digestion lasts approximately 3 hours

Sparkling water, good or bad?

It is not recommended to drink sparkling water because it contains a lot of carbonic gas (= acid, which induces problems in digestion)

Rainwater, good or bad?

It is not recommended to drink rainwater because this water is similar to distilled water which is not structured and not biocompatible. Moreover, it practically does not contain mineral salts containing the absorbable nutrients, as a consequence this water demineralizes our body. Lastly, rainwater is too acid (pH around 5.3; dry residues: +/- 6 mg/L = pollution)