• Global solution for cold and hot water for the whole house/company/office (all the taps, showers, baths are connected)
  • The combination filter/dynamizer offers a complementary solution (filtration, restructuration, dynamization)
  • The dynamizer works without electricity. The activator does not require any maintenance
  • The cartridge of the filter is changed in 5 minutes without intervention of a plumber!
  • Water is immediately drinkable without additives (It must not be re-mineralized)
  • The devices are placed by any plumber, standard connections

Instructions of installation

    • Timing of installation:
        • GIE 3000:+/- 1H00
        • Aquaphor Viking Maxi®: +/- ½ H 
    • Connection of the devices, after the water meter
    • Specific advice for the installation of the filters:
        • Aquaphor Viking Maxi® : requirement to place a valve upstream and downstream of the filter in order to be able to replace the cartridge 1 x/year (>100 m3)
        • check the instructions of installation from the manufacturer
    • Advice in installation of the dynamizer GIE 3000®:
        • Installation of the activator should be placed 1,5 meter from the electric cable/electric meter/electric control panel (because they emit electromagnetic radiations)
        • Do not to cover the dynamizer with metal
        • All the connections must be done downwards!
        • Check the instructions of installation from the manufacturer
    • After the installation (filter and/or activator), let the water flow from all the taps for 1H00 in order to evacuate the deposits in the pipes + purge the radiators and if required replace the water
    • If the pipes are too old (iron, zinc, copper or lead), it is suggested to directly connect the filter/dynamizer to the drinking water tap via a copper pipe (Copatin ®/SANCO®) or PEX (multi-layer or multi-skin certified for food) or PVC (polyvinyl chlorite = plastic, synthetic) or PER (polyethylene)
    • If you do not have a plumber, please contact us, we work with several multilingual plumbers in Belgium

Illustrations of filter installation (Aquaphor)


Aquaphor Viking Maxi installation


Instructions of installation from the Aquaphor Viking Maxi manufacturer



Package Aquaphor Viking Maxi + GIE 3000 installation

Illustrations of the installation of the dynamizer (GIE)


              GIE 3000 installation