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without amortization Filter/Dynamizer
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Reduce the environmental impact (plastic pollution avoided per year)
Annual Savings >< Mineral Water   Total savings over 15 years
Water fountain with contract & amortization Filter / Dynamizer
Water cooler connected to water network & amortization Filter/Dynamizer

*To calculate the savings we took into account the following variables:

  • Daily drink water consumption for an adult: 1,5 L, a child: 0,75 L
  • Cumulated cost of the 2 devices (filter + activator): € 4.000
  • Cost of bottled mineral water: € 0,50/L
  • Cost of tap water: € 0,004/L
  • Cost of water from water cooler: € 0,54/L
  • Annual cost of renting/maintenance water fountain : € 222
  • Annual cost of renting/maintenance water cooler : € 250
  • Price of water softener: € 2.500
  • Period for amortization devices of Filtration/Dynamization: 5 years