*The water treatment plants saturate

Despite the use of several treatments, the water filtration plants do not manage to filter the pollutants.

The origin of the pollutants did not cease diversifying, from agriculture (pesticides, nitrates, phosphates,…), to industry (lead, cadmium, mercury, chromium, zinc, copper, hydrocarbons, organ chlorinated,…) and pharmaceutical companies (in particular drugs and hormones as well as nuclear pollution). One can count more or less 1.000 pollutants in water of which 500 are potentially carcinogenic (source: French ministry of health in 2004)! Similarly in genes of a human fetus there are more than 400 pollutants! Moreover these pollutants form chemical interaction with one another and produce a chemical cocktail of +/- 100.000 different chemical substances which can be found in water! Nobody knows the chemical inter-reactions these cocktails can have on humans! These pollutants are found everywhere, in tap water as in the phreatic tables, the rivers, the mineral water…. Eventually some of these pollutants will get absorbed in our tissues.  But chemical and bacteriological analyses concerning tap water must be put into perspective. Because the legal standards “evolve”! Indeed, currently one accepts a presence of nitrates in water of about 50 mg/L, 80 years ago one accepted only 2.5 mg/L!