H2O Benelux wants to help solve the environmental pollution generated by the plastic bottles as well as the indirect pollution caused by their transportation and energy used to manufacture them. To produce 1 liter of bottled mineral water, one needs 3 liters of water; to pack and transport a water bottle, one needs 30 additional liters of water (ecological footprint)!

1.500 plastic bottles are disposed every second in the world! The industrial era consequently saw the emergence of a 6th continent made up of plastic bottles (4 million km2 between the west coast of the USA and Hawaii, being 6 times the surface of France)! The plastic disintegrates faster in the sea (due to the salinity of water and the solar radiation), its small fragments are swallowed by the birds, fishes etc. This contaminates the whole food chain as well as the water cycle

A family of 5 people “throw” +/- 2,000 plastic bottles of water per year, a company of 15 people who drink bottled water “throw” +/- 1.500 plastic bottles per year. If we annually install 100 filters-dynamizers at home (= 5 people) and in companies (> 15 people) we would avoid throwing away 350.000 plastic bottles a year which would not pollute our planet!

Watch the video about the efforts of a young man of 19 proposing a solution in only 10 years! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6IjaZ2g-21E&feature=player_embedded