Filter H2O-3D model GF

Description of the filter

The House Water Filter « H2O-3D model GF ® » is installed after the water meter and supplies the entire house with water of best quality.
Standard connections of 1-inches make installation quick and easy.

With the Water Filter « H2O-3D model GF ®  » your home receives pure drinking water.

1. Knitted Silver Layer: Water disinfection (at the entrance)

2. Pre-Filtration Unit

2.1. 60% Active Carbon: Chlorine, ozone and other taste and odor disturbing 
substances as well as bacteria in the water, glycerine 
and liquid chemicals.
2.2. 25% Zeolite : Filtering by adsorption – Heavy metals, ammonium & uranium.

2.3. 15% Birm (sable manganifère): Filtering by oxidation:Iron

3. Fine Filtration Unit : 

3.1. Active Carbon – Tissue: Fine Filtration by adsorption (100 x bigger inner surface in comparison for example with activated carbon block filters).

3.2. Mounted on Helix: Restructuring of the water through vortex movement (spiral motion).

4. Gemstone (Mountain Crystal): Frequency transmission on water.

5. Sacrificial anode : Protection from corrosion and limestone (magnésium)

6. Permanent Magnet: Ionization of water by Permanent Magnet and change of structure of limestone results in clearly softer water.

7. Knitted Silver Layer: Water disinfection (at the exit).

Technical Data

  • Water Capacity of complete Filter:
    • 2 bar water pressure: 1,6 m3 / hour
    • 3 bar water pressure: 2,0 m3 / hour
    • 4 bar water pressure: 2,4 m3 / hour
  • Total capacity of the filter: 2.500 m3 and max 5 years (depending on the quality of water entering in the filter*)
  • It is important to renew the filter cartridge within the indicated filter capacity as above the indicated limits the active carbon filters are likely to clog and lose efficiency with the result that they can become nests of microbes. Their microbial load can then become excessive!
  • Legal Warranty of the filter: 2 years
  • Length 700 mm
  • Diameter: 100 mm
  • Connections: external threads: 1“ (entrance and exit)
  • Weight complete: 8,5 kg
  • Body made of high quality stainless steel: V4A
  • Pre-Filtration Unit in the form of a cushion with 60% Active carbon, 25% Zeolith and 15% Birm (to be changed every 12 months)
  • Fine-Filtration Unit of Active Carbon – Knit/ Tissue on Helix, plus Knitted Silver Layer plus Gemstone (Mountain Crystal) plus Permanent Magnet
  • Flow speed 450 – 600l /h at 2,5 – 4 bar (minimum pressure loss)

(*) : Capacity based on water quality (untreated) corresponding to the
« Drinking Water Directive 9883EG 1998 » and maximum chlorine rate 0.3 mg/litre.
In case of water of quality differing from « Drinking Water Directive 9883EG 1998 », the Total Capacity of the Filtration Unit varies depending on the quality of the untreated water.
According to the country concerned, in public applications (restaurants, hotels etc.), a regular change (before having reached the maximum capacity of 2.500m3) of the cartridge may be requested by law (for example in Germany 1 x per year).

Efficiency of the H2O-3D GF filter


Chemical and Biological analysis of the filter H2O-3D model GF by PCW

Realized by : Date : Tested device :
Analytik Institut Rietzler GmbH 08.09.2016 Water filter H2O-3D model GF by PCW ®


CHEMICAL results :

Chemical Pollutants : Filtered pollutants in %
Nitrite 43%
Nitrate 35%
Heavy metals :
Aluminim 85%
Iron 90%
Arsenic 85%
Lead 92%
Cadmium 97%
Chromium 85%
Copper 96%
Nickel 86%
Mercury 87%
Zinc 96%
Pharmaceutical pollutants :
Primidon 76%
Atenolol 92%
Metoprolol 92%
Sotalol 90%
Bisoprolol 92%
Clarithromycin 96%
Erythromycin 94%
Roxithromycin 90%
Trimethoprim 93%
Sulfmethoxazol 77%
N4-Acetylsulfamethoxazol 73%
Phenazone 79%
Naproxen 77%
Ibuprofen 74%
Propyphenazon 78%
4-Formylaminoantipyrin 76%
4-Acetyaminoantipyrin 76%
Clofibric acid 72%
Bezalfibrate 75%
Gemfibrozil 75%
Oxazepam 78%
Temazepam 78%
Diazepam 80%


BIOLOGICAL Pollutants (bacteriological) :

Sample Sample 48 h Sample 96 h Sample 120 h
Parameter: Unit Limit value Measured value Measured value
Reduction [%]
Measured value
Reduction [%]
Measured value
Reduction [%]
Colony count at 22 °C 1/ml 100 > 3.000 4 99,87% 3 99,90% 1 99,97%
Colony count at 36 °C: 1/ml 100 2800 28 99,00% 47 98,32% 12 99,57%
Coliform germs: 1/100ml 0 8 0 100,00% 0 100,00% 0 100,00%
E.Coli: 1/100ml 0 0 0 0 0


  • PRICE : EUR 1.554 excl. VAT (EUR 1.880 incl. VAT)
  • The inner cartridge to be replaced every 5 years max: € 306 (€ 370 incl. VAT)

Installation scheme

The H2O-3D ® GF Water Filter must be installed after the water meter and supplies the whole house with high quality water. The standard 1-inch connections allow quick and easy installation.

The H2O-3D model GF Filter supplies the entire house with water of the best possible quality.

In order to ensure the proper functioning of the filters sold by SPRL H2O Benelux as well as their filtration capacity, the customer will check, under his own responsibility, that they are connected after the city water meter delivering a legally drinking water quality according to the local legislation of the country where the filter is placed. For the European Union this corresponds to the “European Drinking Water Directive 9883EG 1998“and a maximum chlorine amount of max 0,3 mg / Liter. The filter must be maintained and operated in accordance with all local regulations.

According to the country concerned and in case of public or commercial applications (restaurants, hotels etc.), a replacement of the inner cartridge minimum once a year is requested (this even before having reached the maximum capacity of the filter).

Only cold water (between +5°C & +40 °C) may flow through the filter. The area where the filter is placed must be protected from frost, excessive heat (over 50°C) and sunlight.

The filter may not be exposed towards an excessive water pressure (above 6 bars). The sanitary water installation must therefore be protected by a water pressure reducer (control valve that reduces the input pressure of the incoming water to a desired value at its output).

An antiparticle filter (backwash filter with 50 – max 80my membrane) has to be installed in front of the filter to prevent coarse dirt particles (mud, sand etc…) from causing a malfunction of the filter.

The filter may NOT be preceded by a water softener (otherwise the cartridge would immediately be saturated by the sodium ions).

After a prolonged stagnation period of 2-3 days, we recommend flushing the system over several minutes (by letting the water flowing through the tap during minimum 5 minutes) without using the filtered water as drinking water.