Dynamizer GIE

Restructuration - What is the vortex?

  • 2 processes:
    • Mechanical vortex: spiral-shaped pipe + recesses generating high/low pressures
    • magnetic field: 3 magnets


              Activator (15 different techniques)

  • They allow:
      • to restructure water by fragmentation of its molecules: The macro-clusters of water composed by 700 molecules are split into micro-clusters of 4 to 8 molecules which are restructured in a more or less complex hexagonal or crystalline form


The crystalline structure with 6 peaks is formed due to the hydrogen bonds generated by the electrons (dipolarity of water).

étoile etoile GIE

                                 Crystal with 6 peaks                             GIE water crystal

  • to restructure the pollutants and the minerals (the limestone dissolved in water) – > by transforming their tentacular structure into a spherical structure => likely to be evacuated by the body via the urine .Whereas in the water pipes via the sewers/septic tank = function of detoxication & descaling takes place. These substances indeed remain present in the water, but their structure gets transformed!


                    Hydraulic pipe after 7 years of GIE water flow (1998 – 2005)

Perform the “test pan”:  boil restructured water and tap water in 2 different pans. After boiling, water remains transparent in pan containing restructured water under a fine restructured and soluble powder of limestone, while the tap water turns cloudy under a fine layer of dissolved limestone powder


                  On the left side, the tap water, on the right side the restructured water

  • to increase the solubility of water, the fragmentation of the water molecules increases the possibilities of molecular bonds towards other particles. Large water clusters (700 molecules) realize molecular connections mainly between themselves, while small clusters (4 to 8 molecules) realize connections mainly with molecules other than water molecules. This allows:
    • to hook minerals (organic and inorganic) and to transport them through the aquaporin towards the cells in the body = function of carrying nutrition to the cells (in the form of vitamins and nutrients)
    • to evacuate the polluting particles, cellular waste (in 3 years the body renews all its 60,000 billion cells) and inorganic minerals that are non-absorbable by the body = function of detoxination of our metabolism. This elimination is done via urine and perspiration
    • to create an important vacuum between the fragmented micro-clusters of water (= micro-spaces of quantum vacuum), which generates forces of aspiration/ attraction (energy of the vacuum by implosion = centripetal force). This represent one of the energetic components of water


                  Photons extracted from the quantum vacuum (evanescent particles)

See on this subject the very interesting article of Professor Marc Henry: http://www.inrees.com/articles/Eau-passeuse-conscience/ “Our water molecules seem to receive information of the “vacuum”. We note that the vacuum is able to propagate an electromagnetic wave. What tends to say that the vacuum has an electrical resistance. In quantum mechanics, we learn that the vacuum is full with particles and antiparticles. We are thus far from what one calls “nothingness”, explains the researcher. With its capacity to extract photons from the vacuum and to make them circulate in its flexible network of hydrogen bonds, water would be a quality receptacle for information coming from this invisible. Thus, our water would be able to collect electromagnetic information coming from an enigmatic vacuity. Once received, this one would be transmitted to our DNA, our proteins and by repercussion with all our physiology

See also the article: “And the Light came from nothingness”: http://www.slate.fr/life/68851/et-la-lumiere-surgit-du-n%C3%A9ant

  • to raise the biophotonic activity in water (its energy print with a electronegative potential):
    • the restructuration of water into crystalline water enables it to better collect the biophotonic energy (see tests with the Korotkovand Electrophotonic camera and restructured water)
    • the fragmentation of the clusters increases the vacuum between them. As the vacuum is a paradoxical emptiness composed by evanescent (anti)-particles (photons) this also enhances the energetic capacity of water 


                           Bio-photonic activity inside a water molecule (illustration coming from the film Water, Jupiter films ©)

  • to break the polluting frequencies (contaminant molds) which remain present despite the filtering of their molecules. This is carried out mainly thanks to the magnetic field! The pollutant leaves its own frequency in the water cluster. Water is indeed an electromagnetic receiver-transmitter which collects, stores and transmits the vibratory frequencies of the particles that it transports. The water molecules structure themselves around the polluting molecules, consequently form combinations (hydrogen bonds) which constitute a quite specific and stable coding (hydrous mold) around the pollutant. This entire structure constitutes the “memory” of the polluting frequency. This magnetic fragmentation will thus eliminate the polluting frequencies both of water itself and of the pollutants present. The pollutants consequently acquire neutral frequencies and are ready to be dynamized (to receive new natural frequencies)!

fragm      fragm2                                                     Fragmentation of the polluting frequencies    

  • to reduce the pH (18%, analyze BEV, Bio Electronic of Vincent, for GIE water). Water which is more acidic, detoxifies, facilitates the assimilation of the nutrients and enables to rebalance the blood pH which is more alkaline among people. Good water has a pH between 6 >< 7
  • to reduce the rH2 or redox (-10%, analyze BEV for GIE water). This makes it possible to increase the number of electrons in water. A water rich in electrons neutralizes the devastating effect of the free radicals (generated by an oxidizing food avid of electrons). The free electrons lead to the ageing of the cells. Good water is redox water and thus anti-oxidant, its rH2 is between 25 >< 28

Restructuration - technical features of the vortex

  • Vortex in spiral (right direction) creates swirls which accelerate the speed of the water flow and breaks up the macro-clusters into bio compatible micro-clusters. This creates an energy of implosion according to the system of Viktor Schauberger (controlled centripetal energy which goes from the periphery towards the center by concentrating energy: acceleration of water in the center of the vortex, which tears off its electrons and ionizes water negatively => increases its photonic energy)


  • Vortex of high and low pressure with intervals carried out by recesses in the pipes of the activator (reproduced 17 times in a few milliseconds); This increases oxygen and eliminates bacteria


  • Magnetic field = 3 permanent magnets create a magnetic vortex by alignment of the water molecules towards the northern (ascending) & southern (descending) polarity because of the abrupt inversion of rotation (technique of nuclear magnetic resonance of Patrick Flanagan): which creates 10,65 trillion (x10-34) swirls in 1 second. This vortex breaks the polluting frequencies


  • Flow of restructured water: 5.000L/h with 4 bars of pressure
  • Max Pressure : 15 bars
  • Lifetime: 15 years (guaranteed 6 years), no maintenance nor electric connection
  • Device approved by the Swiss Company of Gas and Water Industry (SSIGE) under the n°02074519 (official authority of certification for all the articles distributing drinkable water) + AFNOR (France) + DVGW (Germany)
  • Dimensions: 70 cm in height, diameter of 15 cm and weighs 12 kg

Dynamization with the GIE 3000

*Description of the dynamization

  • The filtered and restructured water as well as the natural minerals present in it are neutral from an energy point of view. They must still be dynamized. That means that they must still be reloaded energetically in natural frequencies: photonic, telluric and cosmic. We call these frequencies vital energy 
  • The cosmic rays (electromagnetic energy) are collected by the “waves of form” which are the vibratory envelopes each having a form of life in nature. These natural forms have a geometry that some call the sacred geometry. The subtle form of this geometry is an entrance door for the rays coming from the universe. This cosmic energy generates “bio-photonic” energy (of light-energy) which transmits the electromagnetic impulses for all the intra and extracellular functions of the living organisms. They in turn will organize all the processes of (re) generation and (de) generation of the organic functions. It is thus easy to understand that, more one increases the bio-photonic potential of water, better the quality of life and health for plants, animals, and Humans !


Image of a solar eruption taken by NASA (Solar Dynamics Observatory: SDO) 

  • The telluric rays correspond with the resonance of cosmic radiations which are “collected” by the minerals on Earth. The rainwater, which flows through these layers of minerals, charges itself when being in contact with these vibratory frequencies. In turn it will be able to feed plants and trees via their roots which draw their nutritive resources, mineral and energy, from theEarth
  • For the human being, it is revitalized water which feeds the energetic body. This energy corresponds with the “lebenskraft or orgone” of Wilhelm Reich. Water is finally like vibratory foodwhichmakes it possible to avoid an “energy leakage”, leading to the reduction of immune defenses, metabolic disorders and degeneration

*Dynamization in the GIE 3000®

The activator GIE is covered by:

    • Powder of volcanic rock of lava from Eiffel (Germany)
    • Sand of quartz (which protects it from electromagnetic pollution)
    • Organic and inorganic layers (in order to increase the vital energy of water)


These protective layers allows a transmission of orgone energy to water (vital energy, biological wave and subtle energy), theory of Wilhelm Reich:

      • The organic layers (cotton, powder of volcanic rock of lava, sand of quartz), attract and absorb vital energy
      • The inorganic layers = metal (copper) diffuse vital energy


  • Price of the dynamizer GIE 3000®: € 2.549 without VAT (3.086 all taxes included)