Masaru Emoto photographed water crystals (frozen at -25° C in boxes of Petri) under a microscope (enlargement X 200). He noted that only spring water or revitalized water has a crystalline or hexagonal structure. This structure can be obtained by vortex, vibratory frequencies emitted by music, emotions or even by words like “love & gratitude”. This water is considered as “living” water!

B_ohne GIE      A_mit GIE

   Photo of tapwater                                                      Photo of dynamized GIE water

On the other hand, water from the tap, a stagnant lake or polluted rivers present black holes or unfinished crystals, known as “dead” water! The crystalline structure with 6 peaks is due to the hydrogen bonds realized by the electrons (dipolarity of water). This structure is similar to that of spring water as it spouts up from the griffin

 étoile   etoile GIE

Crystal with 6 peaks                                GIE crystal water *


* GIE crystal water photograph realized in accordance with the protocol of Masaru Emoto