The Bioscope realises a spectral analysis of the electrical properties of water (from a qualitative and quantitative point of view) ; This by emitting an electrical low frequency signal (in Hz) via an electrode into the water ; The interpretation of the measurements is computer assisted (Bioscope measures the permittivity and conductivity)

Spectre de surface

Surface Spectrum:

 Treated Water: increase of the spectral amplitude distributed on a larger base of frequency levels (peaks and valleys = “red mountains”) -> better electrical organisation of the water (dynamic quality)!

Spectral amplitude eau

Spectral Amplitude : Revitalized water: Low Amplitude= absorption of energy (in electron volts!)

Spectral phase eau

Spectral Phase : Revitalized water: Negative phase= increase of electronegativity (more electrons), this reduces the oxidation in water!

IMG_20160811_102137 Spectral phase Salad


The Bioscope needle electrode was coupled to the plant by piercing a single plant leaf. Water was then added to the soil of the plant and the reaction – before and after watering with non treated and treated water was recorded. An increase of electrons (energy) was observed in the plant that got revitalised water (low spectral phase, red column versus yellow one)!

Salad 2 Treated

Surface spectrum:

Good dynamic quality of the water (rythme & pulsation) = regular « mountain range»

Shifting of the energy to low frequency levels= higher « peaks »