The bio-photons are particles of lights (from stars like the sun) which transport electromagnetic energy. The bio-photons communicate instantaneously with all the cells in our body, and this is done at the speed of light, while following a wave of synchronized energy. Our cells “read”, “interpret” and “process” (act on) the data transmitted by the bio-photons

1/ Photo of a bio-photon

Researchers analyzed the internal structure of a bio-photon contained in a drop of natural water with a Somatoscope (microscope with a black bottom which enlarges X 30.000). They discovered there that its center was made up of a star of six integrated peaks in a hexagonal structure. They assume that this natural geometry resembles the with “the wave of formof vital water


Photo of a bio-photon in a drop of water taken by a Somatoscope, photo taken by Mr E. Excelex

2/ Photomultiplier by Fritz-Albert Popp

This device is a very sensitive amplifier of light which allows to measure the emissions of photons coming from the cells. Using the electro stimulation of the cells, it gives a complete view of the bio-photons emitted. Using this device, it was possible to prove without doubt that the emissions of photons are a common characteristic of all living cells. These emissions have various intensities according to whether it comes from a plant, an animal, or a human being and they can vary with time

3/ Article about the photons in the vacuum by Professor Marc Henry 


“Our water molecules seem to receive information from the “vacuum”. We note that the vacuum is able to generate an electromagnetic wave. That means that the vacuum has an electrical resistance. In quantum mechanics, we learn that the vacuum is “full” of particles and antiparticles. We are thus far from what one calls “nothingness”, explains the researcher. With its capacity to extract the photons from the vacuum and to make them circulate in a flexible network of hydrogen bonds, water would be a high-quality receptacle of information coming from this void. Thus, the water in our body would be able to collect electromagnetic information coming from an enigmatic vacuity. Once received, this would be transmitted to our DNA, our proteins, and by repercussion to all our physiology”

 4/ Principle of GDV

Analyse regarding the GDV method according to the protocol of the Russian physicist Konstantin Korotkov. This method is also called EPC (Electro Photonic Captor): photonic electro analyses of the body energy (the aura). This analyses measures the photonic radiation or the energy field of the human body. The method consists of measuring the electrons & bio-photons (particles of light) discharged by the 10 fingertips (principle of the Kirlian photograph). This device quantifies the energy level (vitality and stress factors) of the organs and presents them in the form of various diagrams. The emissions of the photons and the electrons are stimulated by electric impulses. This radiating field of energy is seized by an optical system with high sensitivity which digitalizes them in the form of images

doigt   doigts2

    GDV: photon radiation of a finger                        Electronic crown around a finger

5/ GDV Analyse of the GIE water (camera GDV Pro V2)

↗ 50% of the energy 10 mn after having drunk revitalized water (energy radiation: 61% -> 94%)


         Display of a GDV analyse made the 09.09.2014:

6/ GDV analyse of the GIE water made in Switzerland

Period in which the experiment was carried out: 24.10.2005 – 19.05.2006

Number of people participating in experiment: 72

Average increase of energy: ↗ 27,45%    

7/ GDV analyses of the Voda+® water

Status quo concerning energy, 10 mn after having drunk the revitalized water (energy radiation: 91% – > 91%) better distribution and balance of the energy !


                 Display of a GDV analyses made the 09.10.2014